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A powerful $50,163 prize from Golden Temple!

One brave and lucky adventurer has found the riches which were lost in the mysterious temple, and is now Vera&John’s newest winner! Gabriel, from Brazil, has just cashed in a shiny, prestigious win of $50,136 on Red Tiger’s Golden Temple!

Gabriel’s tale of high wins takes us all the way to the ancient and sacred temples. Thanks to a couple of spins on Golden Temple, this adventurous Vera&John player set out on a gallant quest to unearth the glorious wins of the Golden Temple. And find them he did! With the help of Wild Reels and the special bonus, Gabriel uncovered a prize find of $50,136.

We got in touch with our newest winner to learn about his reaction when his screen flashed the grand winning amount.

"I was speechless. When my screen began to flash my winning prize amount, I could hardly believe it. I had to drink a glass of water to calm down and to realize what had happened!”, he told us.

It’s like something out of a dream, but this real victory is so much better, isn’t it, Gabriel? We asked our lucky winner how he planned on using his massive prize. "I’m a huge fan of Golden Temple because I have a fascination with big temples. I want to enjoy this win in the same setting I won it and travel around the world to see these amazing structures. I can’t wait!", he told us, evidently excited.

Well, now that we know what Gabriel is going to do with his tremendous prize, why don’t you take a leaf out of his book? Take your pick out of Vera&John’s hundreds of original and delightful slots and who knows? You could be our next big winner... enjoy your trip!

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