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Michael landed a tasty $290,970 win on Laser Fruit!

If life gives you lemons, ask for more lemons and maybe you’ll land a high win on Laser Fruit, just like Michael! He’s not bitter, in fact his $290,970 win has left rather a sweet taste in his mouth!

To call him a relative newcomer to the Vera&John experience would be an award-winning understatement. The 32-year-old’s first exciting big win came less than a day after he registered his VJ account! Always an early riser, Michael logged into his new favourite online casino first thing in the morning for a few fresh spins on Laser Fruit, and moments later landed a juicy win worth $290,970!

We called Michael to congratulate him on his good fortune, and we found him in a great mood as you might expect! Michael wasn’t just happy, he was SUPER happy with his windfall. “I needed a new car, and I’ve been apartment shopping, so this is just perfect timing,” he said.

Michael’s luck didn’t stop there because after a brief chat, our VIP team extended him an invitation to join our VIP program! Vera&John VIPs gain access to frequent special events and promotions, as well as private high-stakes tournaments with incredible prizes. As an extra congratulatory gesture, we sent Michael an iPad so that he can keep spinning in style and invited him to an exclusive VIP event!

A few spins on Laser Fruit was all it took to pop Michael’s VJ cherry, and now he’s making dates with the high-rollers! Who knows, maybe YOUR next spin will bring you that big win and drive you bananas!

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