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One of the world’s most popular table games gets a luxury facelift from Evolution. Deluxe Blackjack features cutting-edge live dealer technology and 6 exclusive tables which are only available to our lucky players!

What is Deluxe Blackjack?

Exclusive to Vera&John, Deluxe Blackjack by Evolution offers 6 tables to choose from and caters for players across all levels. These high-definition live blackjack tables are streamed in their own separate studio, offering a luxe look and feel that we’re certain you’ll enjoy. Aside from being available exclusively to Vera&John players, Deluxe Blackjack works exactly the same as any standard blackjack game.

What are the limits on Deluxe Blackjack?

We strive to make sure that our exclusive Deluxe Blackjack tables are accessible to everyone who wants to play. Of the 6 Deluxe tables, 2 of them have $5.00 minimum bets, 3 of them have $10 minimum bets, and one of them has a $20 minimum bet.

Where can I find Deluxe Blackjack?

To access Deluxe Blackjack, you’ll need to click on VJ’s casino, followed by the Live Casino tab. Once you’re there, you’ll easily be able to find our Live Blackjack Lobby, so just click to enter it. Our Deluxe Blackjack tables are the first 6 tables to appear on the list inside the lobby!

How do I place a bet in Deluxe Blackjack?

When you enter a Deluxe Blackjack table, you’ll get the chance to take up to a maximum of three seats at the table by clicking the green “Sit Here” buttons. You will lose your seat if you do not place a bet in two consecutive rounds. Once you are sitting at the table and betting time has started, you will be able to select a bet from the chip display. Click on the betting spot in order to place your selected bet on the table.
If no seats are available when you join the table, you’ll be given the chance to use the “Bet Behind” feature, which will allow you to bet on a hand that’s been dealt to another player. Keep in mind that you won’t have control of the hand, so you won’t be able to decide when to hit, stand, or split, but you will share the hand outcome.

How do I play Deluxe Blackjack?

The rules of Deluxe Blackjack are the same as any standard game of blackjack- so you can play the game you already know and love! The objective of the game is, of course, to achieve a higher card count than the dealer, without going bust by going over 21. As always, blackjack itself is the best possible hand- and you can hit that if the first two cards dealt to you total 21. Unlike many other card games, the aim of blackjack is to defeat the dealer, not the other players at the table.

What is the value of each card in a blackjack game?

Deluxe Blackjack is played with 8 decks featuring the standard 52 cards. Cards numbered from 2 to 10 are simply worth their face value, whilst cards featuring a jack, queen or king (better known as “face cards”) are each worth 10. If you are dealt an ace, it can be worth either 1 or 11, depending on what is more favourable for your hand. A “soft 21” is a blackjack term specifically referring to when 21 is hit using an ace worth 11.

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